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Examples -

Is it considered suicide i have a friend who is really depressed she has a genetic disease that is basically a ticking time bomb she just wants to let the disease the course because she doesnt have the heart to do it herself ive been trying to talk her into going back to the doctor and trying to manage her disease but she wont listen i want to help her she has three kids and shes basically setting herself up to die sooner
why is that when you have time off from work you get sick
i know what is after life and i want it i had an nde in 2009 after an atv accident and i remember the afterlife it was so beautiful no pain complete and utter peacefor lack of a better termmy life is similar to a vacation where you are staying at an acquaintance s house and they tell you make yourself at home but you re still a bit uneasy and you still tip toe around because you know you can t get too comfortable and no matter how many accommodations they can provide you know that it is not your home it never will be i will be going back home this friday the 22nd i already have a place timeand plan thank you all for your encouraging words and supportr
can t sleep again face is kinda swollen don t let me be allergic to the thing that ll get me to thursday school tomorrow doubtful